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What We Do

Library Consulting, P.A.,  is an organization of library professionals who:

  • Provide services as individuals or in association with one another or others, depending on the nature of the project and the desires of the client.

  • Specialize in the development of library building programs, community surveys, focus groups, staff and service program assessments.

  • Help clients with strategic planning, management and reorganization studies, organizational and funding analysis.

  • Come to our clients with a wide variety of experience as professionals within public libraries, as consultants for libraries of all sizes and types, and  as leaders in the library field who stay abreast of changes and trends in the library field.
  • Leverage their extensive experience in order to provide visionary, yet practical consulting services to public library boards and staff, local governments and architects.
  • Provide customer focused services and on time delivery of reports on matters relating to all aspects of public library development and services in order to help clients achieve their goals.

As individuals,  each of us has extensive experience in public library administration, library services and building planning,  project management, system services and development;  staff development, building  site selection, and intergovernmental relations.

Library Consulting, P.A. very reasonable fees are negotiated on a project basis and may vary from a flat fee, flat fee with expenses, per diem fee with expenses, or per diem fee with a maximum override.   In some instances, Library Consulting may be a sub-contractor to an architect or other consultant.

Library Consulting, P.A.,  welcomes inquiries and comments and is pleased to provide references of past clients.

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